Monday, June 2, 2008

To good books and good conversation!

Since my entrance into the world of Etsy, I've had much pleasure in chatting with fellow crafters in the forums. I've been especially addicted to the Etc. forums where everything is the subject matter, and none are the rules. Besides all the silliness we get into everyday talking to each other, often Etsians will get to the subject matter of books and literature. One of my favorite subjects honestly!

A few days ago, while on the Etc forums, I stumbled upon a thread that regarded book suggestions for a book club. In the midst of all the suggesting and commenting on various books, some of us decided it would be quite fun to start our own little book club just for us Etsy members. I must say I was quite exited!

So now, a few days later, we've got the book club setup and our first book selection has been made. Our read for the month of June will be "To see you again: A true story of Love and War" by: Betty Schimmel.
The first book was chosen by KealaLegacy (you can view her Etsy shop here: It's about the love story between two young people set in Hungary during the Nazi occupation. I've finally purchased it online, so hopefully i'll be receiving it soon. I can't wait to start reading it!

**If perhaps you are a member of Etsy and are interested in joining us, then don't be shy and give send me a convo. I'll make sure to pass the message along to all other members.**