Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Etsy Must-See #1 : Boring Sidney

Ok so this will be a new feature in my blog once in a while. Since I mentioned Etsy already, I thought it would be fitting that I introduce you to my favorite shops. God knows I have hundreds of shops hearted already!

One of the first etsy shops I "hearted" when I first signed up for an account, was "Boring Sidney".
The art of millinery was always something that I found fascinating. It takes great talent, to make such whimsical hats, and obviously she's got it!
Although I am at ease making handbags, and can now do them fairly fast. I'm not convinced that hat making is any similar. It just seems so much more meticulous to me. I guess I'll leave millinery to the experts, such as this particular artist.

I strongly recommend a peak through her shop. I just love looking through it and imagining the outfits that would go best with each hat, and where they could be worn. I imagine that anyone wearing one of them must feel like they've traveled through time and are now living in one of those old Hollywood films. Audrey Hepburn would've been a fan, i'm sure.

My personal favorite is the "FannyMae" pictured below. It just screams "Autumn in New York" to me. It is just so chic. I love it, and am sure you will quickly fall in love as well.