Friday, April 25, 2008

Free sewing patterns!!

My favorite discovery on the web in the past few months (asides from Etsy) has been Burda Style. The website, , is an open-source sewing community. What that means basically, is that they feature FREE sewing patterns with no copyrights to them. So anybody is welcome to use their patterns, sew the items and then sale them if they want. Isn't that amazing? It's great if you don't have a big budget where you can spend money on patterns.

I, being the sewing fanatic that I am, do have many patterns already but yet I've managed to find some really cool unique ones on there. They are easy to follow and I'm pretty happy with the results. In fact, I think I'll take some pictures of those projects and post them on here.

Also, another thing I loved about the website is that they do have a forum where you ask any questions you might have regarding the patterns. If you love sewing or would like to learn, then Burda Style is definitely a website you should check out. Ready, set, thread your machine!