Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ok so maybe today wasn't the best day to garden. At least I had a great time browsing the garden centers around town. For once, I was probably the only customer around I think ;)

I made some nice purchases such as : tomato plants, bell pepper plants and stevia. For now I can just keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow I can start planting. I might even start harvesting some of that lovely basil I have and make myself some Pesto (I've been craving some all week!).

Being stuck inside for a good part of the day, I decided I'd sew a bit. I've been unfortunately avoiding my sewing machine for the past couple of weeks and I think she's starting to miss me. At least now that I'm done driving my father to his radiation treatments, I get some more time to myself. So miss sewing machine will get all the deserved attention! LOL

What was my comeback project you ask? Well nothing much really. I just put in some finishing touches to a laptop carrier I had started a while back. I've been meaning to make a few of those to put up in my Etsy shop, but due to the current situation with my father ( lung cancer ), I've been mostly mopping around.

The bag turned out great, all I needed to finish was the interior. I'm pretty sure these bags will do ok on Etsy. A few weeks back, I had posted this as my avatar on the forums and also on facebook, and I've had already quite a few people interested in such bags. So now that is completely done, I'm hoping it'll find a new owner soon!

It honestly felt so great to be sewing again, that I think I might spend a good part of my day tomorrow, doing it. After the gardening, of course...